About the Author: Pamela Desmond Wright grew up in a small, dusty Texas town. From the time she learned to read, books have been her passion. Beginning with Dick and Jane, progressing through Nancy Drew and then onto romances of all genres, Pamela devoured stories by popular authors such as Barbara Cartland, Jackie Collins, Rosemary Rogers, Shirley Conrad and many, many others. At one time,  Pamela was the proud owner of 5 library cards! In the early 2000’s, Pamela published with Kensington and Penguin/ NAL in paranormal and adult contemporary romance.  Nominated 2 times, she won the Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award in 2010. In December 2020, Pamela sold to Harlequin for the Love Inspired imprint. Her first Amish book will debut in September 2021.  Though her characters are often handed difficult challenges in life, they always persevere over the darker times. Like the Amish, Pamela is a fan of the simple life. Her childhood includes memories of  the olden days; old-fashioned oil lamps, cooking over an authentic wood-burning stove and making popcorn over a crackling fire at her grandparent’s cabin. She also loves needlepoint and has dozens of projects to work on! Someday, she hopes to move into van life, living on the road as a traveling writer. (PS: You can see the log cabin Pamela played in as a child here!) When she’s not working on a new story, Pamela can often be found riding one of her bikes, a CBR500R  “Cheshire”,  her PCX150 “Hijinx” or her Silverwing 600, Grumpz. She often sorts through sticky plot problems and character issues while cruising the wide open roads of Texas.             A few fun facts about Pamela: 1: Loves Grumpy Cat, Lil Bub and other internet felines. 2: Once owned a Classic ZX-12R Ninja that went entirely too fast. (Sold it!) 3: Her family has a real prairie cabin on display at the Heritage Center in Muleshoe, TX. Pamela really did grow up cooking on a wood-burning stove! 4: Countries visited include England, Belgium, Germany, France and Holland. 5: Spends too much time watching YouTube videos when she should be writing.