Coming Sept 2024

You've got Mail ~ Amish style!

Her Surprise Amish Match

Amity Schroder and Ethan Zehr both have shops in the same building. Constantly at odds, the stern Amish widower and the sprightly spinster disagree on almost everything. The daily aggravation Amity feels is tempered by the fact she has a new pen pal. She doesn’t know his true identity, but she dreams of someday meeting her sensitive, caring friend.

Attracted to Amity and unable to fight his curiosity, Ethan wonders who his rival for her affection is. Moving his family to a new home, he accidentally uncovers a secret. Determined to find him a wife, his daughter has been corresponding with a woman on his behalf. The letters reveal a stunning truth: Ethan and Amity are, unknowingly, each other’s anonymous pen pals!

Rebuffed once before, Ethan realizes he has a second chance to court the woman who has captured his heart. Arranging to meet, all he has to do is convince Amity he’s the man she’s fallen in love with through the mail…

*Author’s synopsis, not official release backmatter.

Texas Amish Brides #3 – Amity