January 2021

Dear Readers,

Exciting things have been going on behind the scenes. First of all, I signed my contract with Harlequin for The Cowboy’s Amish Bride, now retitled The Cowboy’s Amish Haven, The book is scheduled for Sept 2021, and I have turned over the rewrites, so off the manuscript goes, and I won’t see it again until copy edits come in.  I’ve also filled out the cover art forms and I can’t wait to see what the art department at Harlequin comes up with for this book. So excited! Cover art is always my favorite part of the process. Meanwhile, I’m working out plots for a few other books I have in mind, so the muse has been working overtime to get something solid down on paper. As always, starting a book is the hardest part, as I haven’t gotten to know my characters and their stories yet. But, that always sorts itself out, and the story will come together in time.

Aside from books, I’m happy to report that our dry winter has been broken and we have some snow! Our area is in desperate drought, and the water is much needed, so if you have rain or snow, send it our way! We surely could use a good foot or two of rain. Would be nice to see a green and growing spring this year instead of the dead dry tumble weeds of the Texas/New Mexico plains.

Not much more to tell, so back to work. I’ll pop in with updates on the book as I have them.

Keep on reading!