June 2024 Newsletter

Dear Readers,

June is here and a lot of exciting things are happening behind the scenes. Not only did I send the 4th Texas Amish Brides book off to my editor, I’ve started the 5th, which is Sheriff Evan Miller’s book. I’ve always tried to give Miller a scene or two in each of the Schroder sisters books, and now the lawman will finally get a book of his own! Right now, it’s under the working title of The Sheriff’s Amish Promise. The outline and chapter 1 are written. I’ve got until July 1 to get the complete proposal done, so wish me luck!

As excited as I am about starting Miller’s book, I think I’ll back up to book 4 and give readers an exclusive 1st page peek at Protecting Her Amish Heart (title tentative).

The first 3 books have set up Florene’s story arc, and this book will bring her journey to a close. I think readers will be surprised to see the direction God sends her in!

(PS: Keep in mind this is the author’s version and may change once the book goes into production.)

Here’s a bit about the book.

Caught in a blizzard’s fury, Florene Schroder finds herself abandoned on a desolate highway. Pregnant and alone, she is desperate to find shelter. With the relentless snowstorm swallowing her hope, she stumbles on an unexpected sanctuary — an Amish farm.

Her rescuer is Gilead Kestler. A giant of a man, Gil is haunted by feelings of inadequacy. Rugged as the wild horses he works to tame, he believes he is unworthy of love.

Two wounded spirits brought together by fate, their paths converge in a world where lies and betrayal reign. Will they find a way to conquer their fears? Or will secrets on both sides drive a wedge into their blossoming relationship?

And now for the fun things…

May Giveaway Winner: Amanda Gardner

June Giveaway

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