April 2020

Dear Readers,

I’m so excited. I just got my signed contracts back from Steve Laube, and that makes it official I am really and truly represented by Tamela Hancock Murray! Big who-hoo! I can’t believe it and am still pinching myself.

To get things going, I’ve re-written the first book in my Miller Family series, Her Amish Blessing. The book came close with an editor, but she had come concerns about the hero and heroine needing a better reason to connect. After going over her comments, I decided I couldn’t answer that question with the book in its current form. So… I threw it all out and started from page 1 with a new concept. Just finished last week and sent it off to Tamela. Now I wait and see what she has to say. I’m happy with the new version and feel it adds lots more tension to the plot than the previous version did.  I have my fingers crossed she likes it! Meanwhile, I will be working on a few new ideas and getting some more proposals ready for the pipeline. If one doesn’t sell, have another ready, right?

Hoping everyone is doing well and staying busy!

Take care and read on!