October 2021

Dear Readers,

Is it really October? It seems like summer was in high swing, and then all the sudden it got cold and now it’s getting dark so early. In another 4 weeks the time will change!  Guess that means more time to write, right? As for writing, I’ve gotten started on Healing The Amish Widow’s Heart (tentative title), and have one chapter and the outline kinda done. Well, it’s better than nothing right? I plan to have the proposal for the second book in the “Humble Blessings” series done by beginning of November. Knock wood that I can do it. It’s always hard starting a new book. The old characters have to move off my mind’s stage, and then new ones have to move in. I’m just getting to know them. This is Lavinia and Noem’s book. Lavinia is introduced in Her Amish Blessing, and we meet her almost 2 years later as a young window.  I am looking forward to delving in to this book.

Other news: Bunzilla got a friend. Officially her name is Violet (she came with it) but we call her HipHop. She’s still learning the litter box, but seems to be settling in. She and Bun are getting to be good friends. She is a Dutch, and quite small compared to Bun, who is a Californian. Since he is neutered, they can’t make any little bunnies. I will get her fixed as soon as I can find a vet who does female rabbits.

That’s about all there is going on right now.

Hope everyone is doing well!

Keep warm and keep on reading~


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